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A lichenologist from our Institute receives a scholarship from the French government

The French Embassy in Poland has awarded our colleague, Edyta Mazur, a French Government Scholarship for a research stay (SSHN - séjour scientifique de haut niveau) in Prof. Joël Boustie's group (Lab. Pharmacognosy & Mycology) at the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Rennes 1.

The obtained funding will allow the laureate to carry out her project focused on the study of metabolomes (sets of metabolites present in the organisms) of tropical lichens of the genus Lecanora based on new, sensitive techniques for the detection of chemical compounds. The analyzes carried out in international cooperation are intended to help solve some problems in the chemotaxonomy of lichens, including indicating to what extent the evolutionary lines determined on the basis of phylogenetic analyzes are consistent with the metabolome.


Edyta Mazur in the Lichen Herbarium at the University of Rennes.
Photo: Joël Boustie.