Dr Edyta Mazur

Research Assistant

Biodiversity and Evolution Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland


Research interests

  • Lichenology: taxonomy and phylogenetics of lichens, in particular of the Lecanora s.l. genus and a photobiont of the genus Trebouxia.

Recent publications (selected)

Murawska-Wlodarczyk K., Korzeniak U., Chlebicki A., Mazur E., Dietrich C.C., Babst-Kostecka A. 2022. Metalliferous habitats and seed microbes affect the seed morphology and reproductive strategy of Arabidopsis halleri. Plant and Soil 472: 175–192. DOI

Medeiros I.D., Mazur E., Miadlikowska J., Flakus A., Rodriguez-Flakus P., Pardo-De la Hoz C.J., Cieślak E., Śliwa L., Lutzoni F. 2021. Turnover of lecanoroid mycobionts and their Trebouxia photobionts along an elevation gradient in Bolivia highlights the role of environment in structuring the lichen symbiosis. Frontiers in Microbiology 12: 774839. DOI

Skórka P., Banach A., Banasiak M., Bokalska-Rajba J., Bonk M., Czachura P., García-Rodríguez A., Gaspar G., Hordyńska N., Kaczmarczyk A., Kapłoniak K., Kociński M., Łopata B., Mazur E., Mirzaei M., Misiewicz A., Parres A., Przystałkowska A., Pustkowiak S., Raczyński M., Sadura I., Splitt A., Stanek M., Sternalski J., Wierzbicka A., Wiorek M., Zduńczyk P. 2021. Congruence between the prioritisation of conservation problems at the local and national scale: an evaluation by environmental scientists in Poland. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28: 35317–35326. DOI