Page works correctly on classical computers as well as any mobile device, which screens transgress slightly diagonal 3.5 ".

Search the content

The system allows you to search thru the contend related to document in question. You must enter the key words at the top of the page in the "Search" bar and press Enter. The system will find and segregate documents containing the key word and display places that might be related to it highlighted in yellow. Select the document by clicking on the appropriate link. You can also use the extra options that will appear after the first searching. 

Horizontal menu search

At the top of the home page is a horizontal drop-down menu that allows you to reach selected content. The menu is built hierarchically into three levels of detail and grouped thematically.

Side Menu

This menu is on the right side and will help you move fast between most frequently used content. All contents that are included in the panels can be found by using the previous methods.