The Field Station of the Department of Ecology IB PAS is located in Szarow (30km east of Krakow) in the neighborhood of Niepolomice Forest. The station comprises of two buildings with an adjoining garden (aprox. 1 ha). The smaller building (aprox. 450 m2) was used as a laboratory until 2010. Now it has two guest rooms, office work rooms, a small lecture hall (for 25-30 people) and stockrooms. In 2010 a new pavilion of total area of 900m2 started to function as a laboratory in which the equipment is themed into specialized laboratories e.g. chromatographic laboratory, spectrophotometric analysis laboratory, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen analysis laboratory and others. There are also: a glasshouse, rooms for cultures (equipped with phytotrones) and warehouses. The laboratory is fully equipped with high quality devices which allow to perform chemical analyses of solid and liquid samples (plants, soil and water) ; among others: the analysis of trace elements, including a number of heavy metals, the analysis of microelements, PAHs, organic compounds and others. More information about the laboratories, equipment and analytical possibilities can be found in the article: Field Station of the Department of Ecology IB PAS in Szarow.