Research areas: Mycological Laboratory of the Department of Mycology allows its employees to perform isolation of fungal strains and cultures on artificial media under aseptic conditions using a UV light and laminar chamber. Various techniques, with the utilization of alcohol and sodium hypochlorite for surface sterilization of fungal material, are used and liquids such as Purosept for the room sterilization.

In order to obtain cultures, subjected later to the molecular testing, the isolation of specific fungi species is carried out. An isolation of endophytes of selected plant species such as Juncus trifidus, Dryas octopetala is also performed, together with the isolation of fungi from the bacterial bio-films and from the air with the use of MAS 100 Eco device. Specific isolation techniques with the use of NaCl and Tween 20 are used for the isolation of black yeasts from the rocks.

Laboratory studies are used in both, research of taxonomic and ecological profile and also in the handling of the City Hall of Krakow and the National Museum (performing mycological expertises).


Laboratory equipment:

- Automatic pipette of variable volume

- Pipette tips for single use;

- Eppendorf tubes with a volume of 1.5

- Glassware: cylinders, beakers, dishes, flasks, baguettes, bottles;

Laboratory devices:

Cooling equipment:

A. refrigerators

Purpose: storage of cultures and reagents

B. -200C freezer

Purpose: storing files, reagents, DNA, PCR products, enzymes


C. incubator for fungal cultures MIR 153

Laminar chamber with vertical air flow and UV lamp:

Purpose: work in a sterile conditions, safe work with the fungal cultures


Prestige Medical: sterilization of media and laboratory equipment

Samsung sterilizer: sterilization of media and water

Laboratory scale:

OHAUS electronic laboratory scales

Purpose: Precise measurement of material with readability of 1 mg

Magnetic Stirrer:

Purpose: mixing prepared solutions with a maximum volume of 0.5 l

UV lamp

Purpose: Room sterilization

MAS 100 Eco Sampler

Application: air sampling

Thermometer and a pH pole meter

Purpose: measuring parameters in the field