Research areas: The laboratory is used for preparation, storage and handling of the living material and preserved algae. The isolation of algal strains coming from different environments and pure cultures cultivation on natural, artificial and mixed media are conducted there. The obtained materials are used in order to develop the algae culture collections and for taxonomic, morphological, genetic and ecological studies of selected algae groups: euglenas, diatoms and green algae, including Pediastrum genus.

The preliminary taxonomic analysis of materials and specialized preparation of diatoms, chrysophyte stomatocyst and euglenas representatives of the Stombomonas and Trachelomonas genus are carried out in the laboratory in order to study the cells’ ultra structures, using electron microscopes. Dissected specimens encapsulated in the resin in the form of solid preparations.


Laboratory devices:

- Fume hoods, including one with a hob,

- Sterile work UV / T-S-AR chamber,

- Carl Zeiss Jena microscopes and PZO binocular microscope,

- Micromanipulator Nikon / NARISHIGE MM188,

- Winch for micropipettes NARISHIGE PC-10

- Two phytotrones BOLARUS S711, equipped with adequate lighting and automatic temperature control, and laboratory incubator KBC-65G;

- Refrigerators for storing media and reagents

- Analytical scale and WPS 510 / C precision scale,

- OMEGA 220 140 autoclave for sterilization of media and glassware,

- DEM-11 destilator,

- MPW-6 laboratory centrifuge,

- Mobile laboratory for water analysis Aquamerck 111,151 (determination of ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, pH, total hardness, oxygen, temperature, hardness and lasting biochemical oxygen demand);

- Aspect NOVA60 photometer.,

- Waterproof pH / conductivity meter Elmetron CPC-401.

Laboratory equipment:

- Automatic pipettes of variable volume,

- Pipette single use tips

- Eppendorf tubes,

- Glass Laboratory test tubes, graduated cylinders, beakers, dishes, flasks, baguettes, bottles, etc.