The studies are focused on the following research topics:


Biosystematics and chorology of critical and less known species of vascular plants

Distribution, nomenclatural and taxonomic revision of selected species groups of the genera Agrostis, Calamagrostis (including Deyeuxia) in Europe and Asia (B. Paszko)

Taxonomy and chorology of the genera Agrimonia and Leucoium (M. Zarzyka-Ryszka),

The Trapaceae family in the Tertiary of Eurasia (J.J. Wójcicki)

Taxonomy and chorology of critical, rare, or poorly known species of vascular plants in Poland: Anthoxantum, Vaccinium gr. uliginosum, Sorbus (Z. Mirek, A. Nikel); Ranunculus (Batrachium) baudotii (Godr.) Bosch, Campanula cervicaria L., Eleocharis carniolica W.D.J. Koch (W. Paul); Elymus pycnanthus, E. farctus, E. elongatus (M. Szczepaniak)


Phylogeography of vascular plants in Eurasia

Phylogeography of Melica uniflora Retz. (Poaceae) (M. Szczepaniak)

Ecogeography and phylogeography of the mylonite-associated species in the vascular plant flora of the Tatra Mountains (Z. Mirek, A. Nikel)

Phylogeography of the selected xerothermic species of the genus Campanula in Central Europe (W. Paul)

Chorology, genetic structure and phylogeography of Viola uliginosa Bess. (W. Paul)

Altitudinal vicarism and pseudovicarism in the flora of Poland – chorological patterns and phylogeography of selected representatives (Z. Mirek, A. Nikel)


Flora and Iconography of Poland – vascular plants (New series)

(Z. Mirek, L. Musiał, A. Nikel, B. Paszko, W. Paul, M. Szczepaniak, J. Urbanik, J.J. Wójcicki, M. Zarzyka-Ryszka)



Atlas of distribution of the vascular plant species in the Tatra Mountains (Z. Mirek, A. Nikel)

Taxonomic treatment of Calamagrostis for the Flora of Pan-Himalayas, Agrostis and Calamagrostis for the Flora of Nepal (B. Paszko)

Updated checklist of the Agrostis and Calamagrostis species of India (B. Paszko)

Analysis of genetic variation and structure of protected, rare and endangered species in the context of conservation of their genetic diversity (Elymus farctus, Gladiolus palustris, G. imbricatus) (M. Szczepaniak).