17th DECEMBER 2018

17th DECEMBER 2018On 17th December 2018 Dr. Michał Adamski began to work at the Department of Phycology.
More information (in Polish): https://botany.pl/images/who_pl/adamski.htm

8th NOVEMBER 2018

As part of the Thursday meetings of the Krakow Branch of the Polish Botanical Society, on 8th November 2018 mgr Magdalena Solarska gave a lecture on “Dimorphism – its function and taxonomical consequences in cryptophytes (Cryptophyceae)”.

11th OCTOBER 2018

As part of the Thursday meetings of the Krakow Branch of the Polish Botanical Society, on 11th October 2018, prof. Konrad Wołowski gave a lecture on "The importance of microhabitats in preserving the diversity of algae".

31st AUGUST 2018

With deep regret and profound sadness we announce the passing away of Prof. Jadwiga Siemińska-Słupska on 31 st of August 2018. She graduated from Jagiellonian University and then throughout her whole scientific career she was associated with the W. Szafer Institute of Botany Polish Academy of Sciences, where she was a long-time head of the Department of Phycology. Her scientific activity determined the direction of phycological research in Poland and resulted in important works from taxonomy and ecology of algae.
More information (in Polish): https://botany.pl/images/who_en/sieminska.htm


In the period from May to June, foreign guests were hosted at the Department of Phycology, prof. Thomas Dempster of Arozona State University and trainee Xue Bai from China University of Geosciences.More information (in Polish): https://botany.pl/index.php/en/aktualnosci-wydarzenia/440-wspolpraca-czasdzynarodowa-yb-pan

21st JUNE 2017

Professor Jadwiga Siemińska-Słupska became an Honorary Member of the Polish Phycological Society. During the session of the Scientific Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences, on 21st June 2017, a ceremony was held to award the honorary Membership  of the Polish Phycological Society to Professor Jadwiga Siemińska-Słupska. The Professor was also congratulated on the occasion of her 70th anniversary of scientific work.

MAY 2017

On May 25, during the Science and Art Festival at the IB PAS, the employees of the Department of Phycology prepared a lecture and  microscopy workshops "Life of aquatic plants".
More information (in Polish): https://botany.pl/index.php/pl/aktualnosci-wydarzenia/415-festiwal-nauki-i-sztuki-w-ib-pan


In September 2016, the Department of Phycology hosted prof. Thomas Dempster of Arizona State University, who during his stay gave a presentation entitled "Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) Arizona State University".

MAY 2016

During the Science Festival in Krakow employees of the Department of Phycology conducted a series of lectures, workshops and field activities ("Fascinating world of plants", "Fascinating Africa" and "Algae - life in a drop of water").

15-18 SEPTEMBER 2016

On 15-18 September 2016, Magdalena Łukaszek participated in the second edition of the Young Talents Forge of the Academy of Young Scientists, a conference organized by the Academy of Young Scientists of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

25th NOVEMBER 2015

On November 25, 2015, during the ceremonial session of the Scientific Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute's employees were honored with State awards: Crosses of Merit and Medals for the Long-Term Service. Professor dr hab. Konrad Wołowski was awarded with the Golden Cross of Merit.
More information (in Polish): https://botany.pl/index.php/en/aktualnosci-wydarzenia/392-odznaczenia-dla-pracownikow-ib-pan

7-11th SEPTEMBER 2015

Dr Joanna Lenarczyk participated in workshops „Geometric Morphometrics and Phylogeny” that were held in Spain.

4th JUNE 2015

Department of Phycology has prepared workshops for children from SP no. 114 within the Festival of Science in Kraków.
Joanna Lenarczyk and Magdalena Łukaszek prepared a lecture "Why algae are colorful?" where interesting facts about pigments found in algae were presented and a workshop on the chromatographic separation of pigments found in different species of algae cultivated at the Culture Collection of the Department of Phycology. Łukasz Kołodziejczyk presented some information on algal blooms and its consequences for humans and animals. Classes ended with observing algae under microscopes.

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1st JUNE 2015

From 18th to 21st of May in Rzeszów-Polanczyk took place the 34th International Conference of the Polish Phycological Society where our Department was represented by professor Konrad Wołowski, Dr. Joanna Lenarczyk ,M.Sc. Magdalena Łukaszek and eng. Łukasz Kołodziejczyk. The team was also accompanied by Alica Hindáková from the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Josef Juráň from the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice.

At the conference, Professor Wołowski in collaboration with Dr. Maciej Wayda prepared a lecture “Algae from Wolosate peat bog (Bieszczady National Park)”, Dr. Lenarczyk spoke on “Geometric morphometric methods for analysing phenotypic variability in Pediastrum boryanum (Turp.) Menegh. under environmental conditions”, M.Sc. Łukaszek had a presentation entitled “Do changing ecological factors influence the occurrence of different morphotypes of Cryptomonas spp.? – preliminary studies”, for which she won second place in the competition for the best presentation and eng. Kołodziejczyk presented a poster “Macroalgae assemblages on the underwater Stones of the central coast of the southern Baltic Sea”.

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17th MARCH 2015

Recently published article “Algae and prey associated with traps of the Australian carnivorous plant Utricularia volubilis (Lentibulariaceae : Utricularia subgenusPolypompholyx) in natural habitat and in cultivation” (http://www.publish.csiro.au/?paper=BT14176), that was coauthored by professor Wołowski and M.Sc. Łukaszek have caught a lot of attention. Ms Łukaszek given an interview to Australian scientific webpage ScienceNetwork Western Australia together with Mr A. Lowrie – world reknown carnivorous plants specialist. Text can be found on: http://www.sciencewa.net.au/topics/environment-a-conservation/item/3390-meat-eating-plants-stay-the-same-on-dining-habits#k2Container

16th DECEMBER 2014

In the newspaper issued by the University of Chiang Mai in Thailand there was published a short article about the species described by Professor Konrad Wołowski and his PhD student Kritsana Duangjan.

More information about these taxa can be found in the article "New records of Phacus and Monomorphina taxa (Euglenophyta) for Thailand." (Polish Botanical Journal 59 (2) 235-247: 2014).

7th DECEMBER 2014

On the 6th December in Kraków was held the VIIth edition of Young Scientists Conference "The Impact of Young Scientists on Polish Science Achievements" in which participated Magdalena Łukaszek. She presented a poster entilted "The issue of dimorphism in cryptophytes - preliminary studies on the occurrence of Cryptomonas spp. in chosen water bodies" and a presentation entitled "Modern research techniques of studying algae on the example of the genus Cryptomonas (Cryptophyceae)," for which she received a distinction. Mrs. Magdalena Łukaszek was also awarded for the active involvement in the scientific discussion during the conference.

20th OCTOBER 2014

From 29th September to 10th October 2014, Dr. Joanna Lenarczyk was in the Department of Botany, Charles University in Prague. This stay was to get acquainted with geometric morphometric methods under the supervision of prof. J. Neustupa, who is specializing in the use of these methods for the analysis of changes in cell shape of microscopic algae. During the stay, she analyzed her own results on the differences in Pediastrum alternans cell shape  caused by the changes in the values of several environmental factors and differences between this species and other taxa that were similar morphologically.

The stay was financed by the Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences within the project "Młodzi Naukowcy".

23rd MAY 2014

From 19th to 22nd May in Gdańsk took place the 33rd International Conference of Polish Phycological Society entilted "Cyanobacterial and algal blooms – effects on water management and human health", where professor Konrad Wołowski and Łukasz Kołodziejczyk were representing the Department of Phycology.
Professor Wołowski gave a presentation entitled "Euglenoids - dangerous or useful?", whereas Łukasz Kołodziejczyk prepared two posters: one together with Professor Wołowski "A botanical documentation of the marine algae collection of Tytus Chałubiński" and the other entitled "The occurrence of algal blooms in some small water ponds on the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland".
Conference's webpage: http://fykol33.ug.edu.pl/en/

On the 25th APRIL 2014

a member of the phycological team, Łukasz Kołodziejczyk defended his engineering thesis "A botanical documentation of the marine algae collection of Tytus Chałubiński" on the University of Agriculture in Kraków. Scientific care was undertaken by professor Konrad Wołowski, and the thesis was done under dr Piotr Stolarczyk's direction. Congratulations!

On the 15th APRIL 2014

to the Department of Phycology had arrived Josef Juráň from the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, that will be doing here practices within the "Student Mobility for Placement" Erasmus program. Over the next three months he will be studying the euglenophytes present in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland water bodies together with professor Konrad Wołowski. 

More information about the student can be found under the following link: http://www.sinicearasy.cz/lidi/JosefJuran

22nd NOVEMBER 2013

Melkonian Laboratory

Magdalena Łukaszek from Department of Phycology has come back from her 2,5 month stay at the Melkonian Laboratory at the University of Cologne. At the lab she has been learning about the cryptophytes (Cryptophyceae) and the methods used for the studies on them (e.g. cells isolation, preparing the optimal medium, preparing samples for transmission electron microscope, molecular and phylogenetic analyses).

8th JULY 2013

The employees of the Department of Phycology with PhD student Kritsana Duangjan, have prepared an exhibition presenting the most interesting representatives of the different groups of algae as part of the Year of Cracow’s Botany, and the 60th anniversary of the Institute. Photographs were taken during the observation of field samples using a scanning electron microscope. This type of photographic documentation is one of the most important elements of phycologists – taxonomists’ work.
We invite you to visit the exhibition located in the corridor outside the Department of Phycology in the New Building of IB PAS.

For more information see below:

25th MAY 2013

During the Conference "Paleoecological Reconstructions - lacustrine, and peat sediments cave" in Bialka Tatrzańska taking place from 22-24.05.2013 workers of our Department presented posters on their current research topics.

Dr. Agata Wojtal with Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova prepared poster "Small Fragilariales in High Mountains Lakes (Tatra Mts and Rila Mts)" while Joanna Lenarczyk and collaborators presented poster „An Enigmatic Pediastrum Taxon and its Palaeobioindicative Value”.

Conference website: http://paleo2013.ing.pan.pl/

23th MAY 2013

From 20th to 22nd of May in Konin-Mikorzyn took place the 32 International Conference Phycological where our Department was represented by professor Konrad Wołowski, Dr. Joanna Lenarczyk and M.Sc. Magdalena Łukaszek. The team was also accompanied by Kritsana Duangjan from the University of Chiang Mai.
At the conference, Professor Wołowski and M.Sc. Łukaszek presented the "Communities of algae associated with Utricularia species in Silesia," and Dr. Lenarczyk spoke on "Phenotypic versus genotypic variability of Polish Pediastrum taxa - preliminary studies".
Kritsana Duangjan presented together with prof. Wołowski a poster " „New taxa of Monomorphina and Phacus (Euglenophyta) for Northern Thailand”, for which she received an award for the best poster by a young scientist.

Conference website: http://www.phycologicalconference2013.pl/index.php

Conference abstracts: http://www.phycologicalconference2013.pl/Abstrakty%20konferencyjne.pdf

19th MAY 2013

Joanna LenarczykAs part of the Science Festival in Krakow, the Department of Phycology prepared the workshops entilted "Can you find the ancestors of land plants in a drop of water?" carried out by Dr. Joanna Lenarczyk which were an opportunity to learn what connects algae and plants.
Classes begun with a visit in the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University, where the samples were taken. After returning, Dr. Lenarczyk conducted a brief theoretical introduction with the help of presentation, after which the participants proceeded to the microscopic observations of the samples and the determination of algae.
The workshops were an excellent chance to gain the knowledge about aquatic microorganisms and their significance in the evolution of plant world.

More information and photos of the eventhttp://botany.pl/index.php/aktualnosci/item/335-ib-pan-w-telewizji-kraków

18th APRIL 2013

To the Department of Phycology arrived Kritsana Duangjan, PhD student from the University of Chiang Mai, Thailand, who is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on euglenophytes in Thailand. Kritsana will spend in our Department three months for consultatiof her findings with Professor Konrad Wołowski that is a co-promoter of her dissertation.

"Taxonomic and Ultrastructural Study of Trachelomonas spp (Euglenophyta) from Agricultural Area Pond, Lamphun Province"is an example of her work on dissertation.

31th MARCH 2013

Konrad Wołowski

Professor Konrad Wołowski was invited to give a plenary lecture on The 6th National Conference on Algae and Plankton (NCAP 2013) "Algae + Plankton. From Basics to Suistainable Applications "in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Professor’s lecture entitled "Euglenophytes and modern taxonomy of algae" was presented on the second day of the conference.

Conference website: http://www.science.cmu.ac.th/NCAP2013/index.php