Taxonomic-chorological study of Basidiomycota – Agaricomycetina (agaricoid and affylloforoid fungi), Pucciniomycotina (especially order Microbotryales), Ustilaginomycotina, ascomycete fungi (Ascomycota) and Myxomycetes, in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Taxonomic-biogeographical study on arctic-alpine macrofungi in the island-like alpine habitats of the Carpathians and other mountain ranges of Central Europe.

Studies on biodiversity of nivicolous myxomycetes in the mountains of the world.

Black Yeasts biodiversity on rocks and cultural artefacts

Relationships between ascomycete fungi and its host plant Dryas octopetala

Studies of fungi living in extremal environments (high mountains, caves and mines)

Taksonomy, phylogeny, ecology, chorology and conservation of wood-inhabiting aphyllophoroid fungi in primeval forests of northern and southern hemisphere.

The corticioid fungi of Poland – diversity, distribution, ecology and conservation with   emphasis on species diversity in protected areas.