Biodiversity of smut fungi (Ustilaginomycotina) of the world, with special emphasis on Africa

Biodiversity, host specificity and evolution of smut fungi sporulating in anthers of Caryophyllaceae and Hyacinthaceae

Distribution constrains of arctic-alpine macrofungi in the mountains of temperate regions in the context of range dynamics in time and space.

Analysis of species structure of mycorrhizal fungal communities in relic, forest belt populations in the Carpathians vs. high-mountain populations of Dryas octopetala.

Taxonomic-biogeographic analysis of nivicolous myxomycetes of the mountains of South America.

Diversity and dynamics of wood-inhabiting fungi communities in natural and primeval forests:

  1. Succession of fungal species along the wood decomposition process.
  2. Factors affecting the species diversity of fungi on dead wood.
  3. Selective replacement of species - the influence of parasites and early saprotrophs species on the occurrence, diversity and species composition of saprotrophs related to late stages of decomposition of dead wood.
  4. Fungal communities and species diversity on dead wood of different size (coarse, fine and very fine woody debris) and degree of substrate specificity or attachment to the host species among wood-inhabiting fungi in local and global scale.