Collection of fungi (KRAM-M) deposited at the Institute of Botany of the Polish Academy of Sciences has more than 55 665 numbered units, and another 50 000 waiting for the elaboration and incorporation into the collection. The collection includes mainly basidiomycetes, and to a lesser extent ascomycetes and mitosporic fungi from Poland, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as well as the largest collection of corticoidal fungi in Poland and a valuable collection of parasitic fungi. The latter is Prof. T. Majewski’s priceless collection of Laboulbeniales containing parasitic fungi placed in containers with 70% alcohol.

Herbarium collections are the basis for taxonomic revisions and studies carried out in the Department of Mycology. The Institute rents them also to foreign scientific centers in the U.S., France, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, and England.

A separate collection of myxomycetes has about 650 specimens (including a dozen types) from different parts of the world, including Argentina, France, Spain, Java, Poland, Switzerland and Ukraine.


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