The Laboratory of Lichenology of the Institute of Botany PAS was founded out of the Prof. Wladyslaw Szafer’s initiative in 1957 and Prof. Jozef Motyka, employed then on a part-time position, was its first director. In the same year within the created laboratory, Prof. Janusz Nowak began his academic activity. The Lichen School of Krakow was created by him from scratch and a necessary for its development work studio. 

In 1969 the Laboratory of Lichenology was integrated with the Department of Bryology in one Department of Bryology and Lichenology whose leadership consisted of Prof. J. Nowak. In 1988, the Department was again divided into two workshops:  Laboratory of Bryology and Laboratory of Lichenology whose director was still Prof. J. Nowak. In 1992, after Prof. J. Nowak had retired, lichenologists were incorporated into the Laboratory (later Department) of Mycology whose director was Prof. Wladyslaw Wojewoda.

After nearly 10 years, in March 2002, the Laboratory of Lichenology was restored and a role of the director was assigned to Dr. Urszula Bielczyk.

Currently the Laboratory of Lichenology is lead by Dr. Hab. Lucyna Sliwa, a professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences. 



1957 – Laboratory of Lichenology is created (on the initiative of prof. Wladyslaw Szafer), which is managed by prof. Józef Motyka;  dr Janusz Nowak starts his scientific career in the Laboratory, creating from scratch the Krakow lichenological school, developing its basic tools and methods

1969 – Department of Bryology and Lichenology is formed, with dr J. Nowak as its head

1988 – separation of the Department into two laboratories; Laboratory of Lichenology remains under the direction of dr hab. J. Nowak

1992 – Laboratory of Lichenology is combined with the Laboratory of Mycology, forming the Department of Mycology, headed by prof. Wladyslaw Wojewoda; prof. J. Nowak retires

2002 – Laboratory of Lichenology is re-established, with dr Urszula Bielczyk as a head

2007 – Dr Lucyna Sliwa becomes a head of the Laboratory, due to the retirement of dr hab. U. Bielczyk