STANEK Małgorzata
M.Sc., eng. (research assistant)
  Studies: Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, Biology and Geology, specialization:Conservation of Nature:
Bachelor’s degree (2007; Geology), M.Sc. (2009; Biology),
Doctoral Studies of Biological Sciences - 2016

last updated: March 2019

Scientific career:

      Institute of Botany, PAS, Specialist biologist (2011)

Research topics:

  • Plant-soil interactions
  • Impact of invasive plants on soil physicochemical and microbiological properties
  • Secondary metabolites
  • Impact of soil and air pollution on plants (heavy metals, organic compounds)
  • Chemical analytics (HPLC, GC-MS, GC-FID, AAS)

Research pojects:
    • A comprehensive analysis of interactions between herbaceous plants and soil microbiological and physicochemical properties in temperate deciduous forests as the basis for effective biodiversity protection of these ecosystems (NCN; 2018-2021): researcher
    • Changes in diversity and species composition of plant communities in coastal grey dunes due to Rosa rugosa Thunb. invasion: linking soil properties with functional structure of vegetation (NCN; 2018): researcher
    • The impact of alien tree species – red oak (Quercus rubra L.) on soil physicochemical properties, soil microbial communities and forest vegetation (NCN; 2017-2020): leader
    • Ecosystem changes driven by Reynoutria japonica invasion: linking quantity and chemical quality of plant biomass to soil properties (NCN; 2017-2020): researcher
    • Interactions of invasive plants with soil microorganisms (NCN; 2012-2015): researcher
    • Soil physicochemical properties as well as diversity and composition of plant communities as factors detemining functioning of microorganisms in soils developed on old heaps (warpie) near Trzebinia, Jaworzno and Olkusz (MNiSW; 2011-2014): researcher
    At work: Department of Ecology, W. Szafera Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, Lubicz 46, 31-512 Kraków
    Tel./fax: At work: (12) 346-50-03, fax: (12) 421-97-90,
    e-mail: e-mail:
    • Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M, Majewska ML, Nobis M, Zubek S (2019) Invasive plant species identity affects soil microbial communities in a mesocosm experiment. Applied Soil Ecology 136: 168-177.
    • Woch MW, Radwańska M, Stanek M, Łopata B, Stefanowicz AM (2018) Relationships between waste physicochemical properties, microbial activity and vegetation at coal ash and sludge disposal sites. Science of the Total Environment 642: 264-275.
    • Stefanowicz AM, Majewska ML, Stanek M, Nobis M, Zubek S (2018) Differential influence of four invasive plant species on soil physicochemical properties in a pot experiment. Journal of Soils and Sediments 18: 1409-1423.
    • Woch MW, Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M (2017) Waste heaps left by historical Zn-Pb ore mining are hotspots of species diversity of beech forest understory vegetation. Science of the Total Environment 599-600: 32-41.
    • Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M, Nobis M, Zubek S (2017) Few effects of invasive plants Reynoutria japonica, Rudbeckia laciniata and Solidago gigantea on soil physical and chemical properties. Science of the Total Environment 574: 938-946.
    • Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M, Woch MW (2016) High concentrations of heavy metals in beech forest understory plants growing on waste heaps left by Zn-Pb ore mining. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 169: 157-162.
    • Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M, Nobis M, Zubek S (2016) Species-specific effects of plant invasions on activity, biomass, and composition of soil microbial communities. Biology and Fertility of Soils 52: 841-852.
    • Stefanowicz AM, Stanek M, Woch MW, Kapusta P (2016) The accumulation of elements in plants growing spontaneously on small heaps left by the historical Zn-Pb ore mining. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 6524-6534.
    Selected conferences:
    • Biology and ecology of woody plants, 11.06-15.06.2018, Kórnik-Poznań, Poland.
    • II Microbiological Symposium: Metagenomes of different environments, 29.06-30.06.2017, Lublin, Poland.
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