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Biodiversity of the Polish Carpathians

Mountain ranges of the Polish Carpathians have a special importance in Poland from many points of view; one of those most important is their contribution to the uniqueness and diversity of the Polish flora. Despite a relatively small surface of the Polish Carpathians - covering only about 7% of the country's area - these mountains harbour more than 80% of the national flora. Here, the unquestionable regional centre ofendemism is located. Also here, we can find the most complex diversification of climate and vegetation along altitudinal gradient in this part of Europe. The natural exceptionality of this area is well illustrated, among others, by the presence of six national parks and a concentration of other valuable nature protection sites.

Even though the flora of this region has been studied relatively well, it lacks synthetic and complete publications recapitulating this knowledge dispersed in many sources. The series Biodiversity of the Polish Carpathians, encompassing checklists of all groups traditionally referred to the Plant Kingdom, has been prepared to fill this significant gap in the scientific literature. We hope that the synthesis of up-to-date knowledge will serve the efficient protection of biodiversity in this unique region, and stimulate further research, including comparative studies on mountain floras in Europe.

Zbigniew Mirek

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