Herbarium of Vascular Plants (KRAM). A flowering plants and ferns’ collection of the Institute of Botany PAS is the largest collection of this type in Poland and one of the most valuable ones in Europe. It is a national collection and it currently includes almost 630 000 sheets (state as for spring 2016) and there are around 200 000 more waiting for elaboration and incorporation.  The origins of the herbarium assemblage date back to 1867 and are connected to the former Museum of the Physiographic Commission of the Polish Academy of Skills, whose botanical collections were taken over by the Institute.

Herbarium of vascular plants includes, besides of Polish and adjoined territories, specimens from all over the world, but especially from the European Mountains, including the Carpathians, the Balkans and the Alps. In the herbarium there are around 1 300 types.


A. Andrzejowski (Ukraine), E. Janczewski (Ribes, flora of Wolyn), B. Kotula (Carpathian Mountains, Tyrolean Alps - over 25,000), A. Jasiewicz (Balkan Peninsula, Mexico, China, Carpathians), L. Stuchlik (Cuba), B. Pawłowski (Carpathians, the Balkans, many types of Alchemilla), T. Wilczyński (about 10,000 from Podolia and Wolhynia), A. Ślendziński (Pokutia), J. Mądalski, A. Rehman, W. Szafer, F. Karo, E. Wołoszczak, H. Zapałowicz, A. Żmuda and others.

In the KRAM collection there are two historical herbaria held separately: ta didactic herbarium of Józef Jundziłł from the former University of Wilno (now Vilnius in Lithuania) from the end of 18th century (containing mostly allegates from the areas of today’s Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, but also several specimens from European collectors, e.g. from the herbarium of J. Gilibert) and an original ethnobotanical collection of Seweryn Udziela from the end of 19th century.


The exchange material includes plants from the territory of Poland and selected regions of Eurasia. Over 100 institutions around the world are presently involved into the exchange.


Flora Poloniae Exsiccata (vascular plants), in years 1969-1983, 8 Centuriae (numbers 1 to 800)
Plantae Vasculares Svalbardenses Exsiccatae - 1987;
Polish Herbaria - 1990, 1997.
Polish exsiccata of vascular plants – 1998.